DC Water – Washington, DC

Water is Life - DC Water, Washington, DCDC Water is the public authority providing safe drinking water and performing waste water treatment for the District of Columbia. DC Water provides nearly 600,000 residents, 16.6 million annual visitors, and 700,000 people who are employed in the District of Columbia with water and sewer/wastewater treatment. Its Blue Plains plant is the world’s largest automated facility of its kind, treating wastewater from jurisdictions in Maryland and Virginia for approximately 1.6 million people.

DC Water OverviewThe reliable supply of maintenance and service parts is essential for the safe and uninterrupted service level required by this authority. Logistics Consultants, Inc. was engaged to assess the current supply chain performance and make recommendations for change and improvement to facilities, organization, and procurement methods and systems infrastructure. The implementation of these recommendations is underway. Changes will include new sourcing and procurement methods using primary vendors and blanket contracts to streamline the procurement process, integration of MAXIMO and Lawson ERP, use of wireless and bar code technologies in the field, significant reduction of inventory stocked in DC Water warehouses, JIT deliveries for planned work orders, design and construction of a modern central warehouse, and consolidation of existing warehouses.

Exterior views, DC Water
Exterior view trucking docks, DC Water

DC Water Central Maintenance and Repair Parts Warehouse