Warehouse and Distribution Center Design

Warehouse and Distribution Center DesignLogistics Consultants is committed to requirements driven approach to distribution center and warehouse design planning and implementation. Clear understanding of the business requirements … strategic, customer service, financial, growth, supplier, cultural, etc…is the prerequisite for success. This approach provides:

    • Boundaries for the logistics concepts.
    • Focus of creativity on meaningful alternatives.
    • Definition of design and success criteria.
    • Elimination of late in the game surprises.
    • Significant reduction of rework.

Logistics Concept Design

    • Management, Strategy, and Planning
    • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Requirements Definition and Design Criteria
    • Alternatives Development
    • Network Modeling and Process Simulation
    • Economic and Operations Evaluation
    • Conceptual Design and Functional Requirements
    • Report and Presentation to Management

Detailed Plant Distribution Center and Warehouse Design

    • Building, System, and Equipment Layouts
    • Material Handling Equipment Specifications
    • Warehouse Management System Design Specifications
    • Operations and Staffing Plan
    • Material Handling and Warehouse Management System Design Installation Plan
    • Final Cost Estimate
    • Report and Presentation to Management

Warehouse and Distribution Center Implementation

    • Supplier Qualification for Material Handling System and Warehouse Management System Qualification
    • Bid Reviews and Supplier Selection
    • Supplier Monitoring and Pre-installation Testing
    • Operating Procedures
    • Education and Training Program
    • Profiling
    • Material Handling and Warehouse Management System Installation
    • System Integration Testing
    • Commissioning and Turnover