Carlisle Food Service – Oklahoma City, OK

Carlisle Food Service layout, Oklahoma City, OK
Carlisle Food Service is a manufacturer and distributor of tableware and food service products for the restaurant industry. Carlisle engaged LCI to develop a supply chain strategy and configuration that improves service to customers, increases flexibility in manufacturing, and reduces operating costs.

The solution is a three distribution network providing shortened order delivery cycles and reduced transportation cost. In addition, manufacturing expansion will be accomplished through third party sourcing and or capacity acquisition in close proximity to the distribution points.

LCI developed the design, specification for and managed the implementation of management of two new distribution centers. The 250,000+ sq. ft. centers are located in Charlotte, NC and Oklahoma City, OK. The centers feature an advanced warehouse management system that supports high density rack storage and profiled forward case pick and less-than case pick arrangements.

The facilities were completed on time and on budget. Warehouse operating costs were reduced 20% as compared to the original warehouse in Oklahoma City.