Our Mission

Our mission and operating principles are simple and straightforward. We will provide our clients with logistics solutions that meet business requirements and are implemented within the constraints of time and budget.

The logistics concepts, supply chain, and warehouse systems we design and implement will be flexible and robust enough to respond to reasonable levels of uncertainty and change, and have the inherent capacity for incremental improvement after implementation.Accurate and realistic logistics concepts from LCI.

The network, material handling and warehouse designs must provide the basis to create a competitive advantage for our client. Workplaces and work designs will enhance the ability of the employees to make positive and rewarding contributions to the business.

We will seek out and aggressively recommend and use the best warehouse design technology to advance the state of our client’s business. We will not use technology to solely advance the state-of-the-art.

We are keenly aware that logistics has increasingly become a key factor in cost and quality customer service distinguishing one company’s products from another’s.

Sustaining competitive advantage requires flexible, reliable, and cost effective material handling solutions and warehouse design technology for tasks such as sourcing raw or finished material from suppliers, through distribution of finished products and services to customers. So it follows that companies are willingly spending the capital necessary to upgrade their warehouse layout and processes.

If your organization is positioned to move forward with logistics, supply chain, warehouse layout and materials handling system upgrades, you will want to be sure that these relatively capital intensive changes provide the required and anticipated benefits.